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  • Degradable tableware
  • Life Little Common Sense
    Health supervision of the people concerned said that the use of boiling water before meals, only to obtain psychological comfort, it is difficult to achieve the role of disinfection.
  • Utensils
    Bowls as the daily necessities of the diet utensils, the origin of the bowl can be traced back to the Neolithic clay Pottery Bowl, its shape and today no big difference, that is, the mouth of the big bottom small, wankou wide and the bottom of the bowl is narrow, there is a bowl foot.
  • Spoon Fun
    How big is the biggest spoon in the world? December 6, 2009, to show the Hunan Province of the history of food civilization as the theme of the Chinese Hunan Museum in Changsha opening.
  • Spoon development History
    Archaeological discovery of ancient Chinese to eat the earliest evidence of spoon, belong to the Neolithic age seven thousand or eight thousand years ago, ancient Chinese invented spoon feeding, and farming culture of the emergence of a direct link.
  • Ceramic Tableware Classification
    According to the decorative method of flower surface: according to the characteristics of the flower can be divided into glaze color, glaze lottery, glaze color and glaze porcelain and some color white porcelain and so on.
  • The way to get left-handed and knives and forks
    The general table of knives and forks are right-handed use of the principle to display, then, how to do left-handed?
  • The knife and fork fall behind can't pick up
    Knife and fork fell on the ground, mostly not in the hands of the slide, but put on the edge, inadvertently be knocked down. At this time must call service was born to pick up, and for you to replace a clean, only really in line with Western-style table manners.
  • Knife and fork pendulum method at the end of meal
    The meaning of the meal is: knife and fork in parallel plate. Generally speaking, the front end of the knife and fork is toward the upper left, the handle is tilted toward the lower right, at this time, the fork in the seat side, the knife on the outside side.
  • The method of taking a meal knife
    The forefinger should be pressed on the back of the handle. The most correct position to take the knife is "hold the handle, thumb on the side of the handle, the index finger pressed on the back of the handle."
  • Tableware Display
    knife and fork parallel put on the plate on the edge of the knife to the fork pointed upward means to eat soup spoon horizontal plate inside the spoon heart upward also indicated with soup tableware survival go .
  • Western etiquette
    Western-style knives, forks, spoons are fastidious can be replaced or mixed with