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Ceramic Tableware Classification
May 29, 2018

China is an ancient porcelain, ceramic culture has a long history, ceramic varieties are also numerous, daily-use ceramic food utensils follow the porcelain and traditional characteristics of classification: According to the type of porcelain: The current market is mainly in the circulation of porcelain, ashes porcelain, exquisite daily-use porcelain, glaze (medium) color porcelain, daily-use fine pottery, ordinary ceramics and fine ceramic cooking device.

In addition to the Ashes porcelain, the remaining products according to the appearance of the number of defects or the extent of the size of the top products, first-class products, qualified products. According to the ceramic quality: can be divided into hard porcelain and soft porcelain. The hard porcelain uses the high temperature once the sintering, the soft porcelain is mostly uses the high temperature element to burn the low-temperature glaze to burn the craft mainly. Because the glaze sintering temperature is different, the raw material formula is different, relatively, the soft porcelain glaze contains low melting point oxides more.

So hard porcelain glaze hardness than soft porcelain, use knife and fork is not easy to draw scars, but soft porcelain glaze smoothness, light brightness generally better than hard porcelain, the naked eye observation more soft moist. According to the decorative method of flower surface: according to the characteristics of the flower can be divided into glaze color, glaze lottery, glaze color and glaze porcelain and some color white porcelain and so on.