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Degradable tableware
Oct 23, 2018

Experts suggest that the degradable tableware can be identified by several methods: one look, two smells, three tears:

At first glance, first look at whether there is a QS logo and number on the lunch box; secondly, it depends on whether the surface of the lunch box is smooth and clean, with or without impurities or black spots. In general, transparent plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polypropylene (PP) with a high safety factor; in brightly colored lunch boxes, it is possible to use waste plastics, so the deeper the color, the less secure.

The second touch is to touch the strength of the lunch box, use the recycled waste or a large amount of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talcum powder to produce the lunch box, the strength is generally very poor, and it will rupture with a tear.

Three smells, it is necessary to smell the smell of the lunch box, the qualified lunch box can not smell.

The characteristics of the "black lunch box" are summed up in six sentences: the hand is soft, the tear is broken, the smell is pungent, the heat is easy to leak, the hand is folded, the stone is printed, and the water is shattered. . As long as you remember the jingle above, you can easily distinguish whether the disposable lunch box is qualified.