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Knife and fork pendulum method at the end of meal
May 29, 2018

 The meaning of the meal is: knife and fork in parallel plate. Generally speaking, the front end of the knife and fork is toward the upper left, the handle is tilted toward the lower right, at this time, the fork in the seat side, the knife on the outside side. If there is a spoon, put it on the innermost side. Suppose you only use a fork, but you have a knife, you have to put the knife on the plate. And the blade must be inward, and the fork (spoon) is on the inside and tied up.

 Although generally is the knife and fork side by side oblique Fang Pan. But in Europe and the United States, because of different regions, the way the pendulum is slightly different. Some are straight in the center, some on the contrary, sideways in the center, some oblique, but placed on the right side of the plate. However, these are the meaning of the end of the meal, will not let the waiter not understand, nor violate the etiquette.