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Spoon development History
May 29, 2018

Archaeological discovery of ancient Chinese to eat the earliest evidence of spoon, belong to the Neolithic age seven thousand or eight thousand years ago, ancient Chinese invented spoon feeding, and farming culture of the emergence of a direct link. China's neolithic varieties of crops are mainly rice and millet, respectively suitable for the humid south and arid northern planting, the two kinds of grain cooking is relatively simple, can be directly food, plus water boiled porridge rice can be eaten. Hot porridge rice, especially the half liquid porridge food, not directly with the hand to catch food, need to borrow intermediary equipment, so the simplest spoon was invented. Because of the urgent need, people pick up the bones or shells of the animal, and at first may not be trimmed to eat it. Later, people no longer satisfied with the long short bone of the natural state, so the real meaning of the spoon is produced.