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Western etiquette
May 29, 2018

Western-style knives, forks, spoons are fastidious can be replaced or mixed with 1. Knife used to cut food to use knives to stir food into the mouth to remember: when the right hand knife meal with three kinds of knife at the same time as the correct use: with a small serrated to cut meat to make food, such as the size of large vegetables cut into small pieces; Some of the top-upturned knives are used to cut the bun with a few sauces and cream to coat 2 of bread. Fork Fork from fork to mouth to send action to gently pick up the right amount of food in the mouth to procrastinate large bites and then put down like a fork to pick up food into the mouth when the teeth only touch the food to bite the fork should also let the knife and fork teeth on or plate sound 3. Spoon official field The spoon is served with a variety of small coffee and dessert hearts, flat for butter and cake, and larger for soups or small pieces of food;