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Ceramic Class
May 29, 2018

A look, will tableware to have light source to see its surface refraction light, if there is a part of the pattern and no pattern of refraction of the light, the description is inferior, vice versa is an excellent product.

At the same time, but also to check whether the pattern is regular, the surface has no obvious flaws; a few with the size of the tableware stacked together, if found that the distance is not uniform, it means that is inferior goods. Second touch, use the hand to touch the tableware has the pattern and does not have the pattern part.

If the two are the same smooth, it is inferior, if there is a pattern part of the feeling of obvious jerky, feel the pattern is affixed to the surface of the tableware for the excellent product. Three scraping, the outer layer of tableware is very hard, even if how to scratch will not damage the glazed surface, if found that tableware glaze pattern can be easily scraped off, then it is inferior.