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Melamine Tableware
May 29, 2018

Melamine tableware is also known as the Beijing-American melamine products, by the melamine resin powder heating pressure compression molding. 

With its lightweight, beautiful, capable of low-temperature, fragile and other properties, is widely used in catering and children's catering and so on. Melamine tableware belongs to the polymer, the English abbreviation is MF, its monomer is formaldehyde and melamine. 37% Formaldehyde aqueous solution was used in the reaction, and the mole ratio of formaldehyde and melamine monomer was 2~3. The results show that with the increase of formaldehyde dosage, the formaldehyde binding is also increased, the reaction is easy to change, the formaldehyde content can be obtained by different levels of melamine resin, the reaction system of ph=8.5, less side effects, easy to control the reaction, the temperature is high, the reaction speed is fast, in 54~ There was little influence on the formaldehyde binding amount in the 80℃ range.