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Method Of Use Of Knives And Forks
May 29, 2018

The basic principle of holding knives and forks is a knife or spoon in the right hand, a fork in the left hand, holding the end with the hands, and the forefinger on the handle. Pay special attention here, you can also take the fork in the right hand, the left hand knife or spoon.

In addition, when eating with knives and forks, you should use a fork to fix food on the left, then cut the food into a small mouth with a knife, and then dip it into the mouth with a fork. Cutlery knives, forks and the number of dishes should be equal to the number of vegetables, and ordered by the order from the outside of the arrangement, the meal in order by the outgoing middle row, in turn, to eat appetizers, eat fish, eat meat. All the forks and spoons will be placed up, and all the blades will be placed in. After the meal in accordance with the order of the parallel oblique on the plate.