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Plastic Tableware
May 29, 2018

The commonly used plastic tableware is basically made of polyethylene and polypropylene as raw material. This is the most national health sector approved NON-TOXIC Plastics, the market of sugar boxes, tea trays, rice bowls, cold water bottles, bottles, etc. are such plastic. But polyvinyl chloride, which has a similar molecular structure to polyethylene, is a dangerous molecule and is found to be a rare form of liver hemangioma associated with people who are often exposed to polyvinyl chloride. Therefore, in the use of plastic products, we must pay attention to what is the raw material? When you do not have a product manual, you can use the following methods to identify: all feel smooth, fire flammable, burning with yellow flame and paraffin-flavored plastic products, is non-toxic polyethylene or polypropylene. where feel hair sticky, fire difficult to burn, when burning for green flame, there is a choke nose of plastic is polyvinyl chloride, can not be used as food containers. Do not choose colorful plastic tableware, according to testing, some plastic tableware color patterns in lead, cadmium and other heavy metal release amount exceeded.

So try to choose no decorative patterns and colorless and tasteless.