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The History Of Knives And Forks
May 29, 2018

The appearance of knives and forks is much later than chopsticks. According to Professor Granchiuling's study, the original origin of knives and forks and the ancient European nomadic habits of life, they immediately live with knives, often meat cooked, cut off to eat. Later, after the settlement of life, Europe mainly livestock, bread and other non-staple food, directly with hands. The staple food is beef and mutton, cut the meat with a knife and send it into the import. When the city settled, the knife and fork into the home kitchen, do not have to carry. It is not difficult to see today as the main tableware in the west of the knife and chopsticks identity is very different, it has a variety of functions, can be used to slaughter, anatomy, cutting the meat of cattle and sheep, to the cooked edible, but also as tableware.This is the history of the use of knives and forks in the west. In the east, the use of knives and forks has a long history.