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  • Green Injection Plate
  • Clear Bowl Can Be Customized
  • Gold Plate
  • Colorful Plate
  • The Arrangement Of Knives And Forks
    Dining for eight, if a temporary break in the middle of the meal, can be knife and fork in the dish, the knife and fork pointed to the opposite "one" or "eight" zigzag, knife and fork toward their own
  • The Role Of Knives And Forks
    A butter knife for smearing bread. Small fork and spoon for eating salad, sweets or some appetizer large fork, knife, spoon, for eating staple food.
  • Method Of Use Of Knives And Forks
    The basic principle of holding knives and forks is a knife or spoon in the right hand, a fork in the left hand, holding the end with the hands, and the forefinger on the handle.
  • Introduction To Knives And Forks
    Western food, compared with Chinese food, is not only the difference between chopsticks and knives and forks, but also the experience of personal cultural taste.
  • The History Of Knives And Forks
    The appearance of knives and forks is much later than chopsticks. According to Professor Granchiuling's study, the original origin of knives and forks and the ancient European nomadic habits of life,
  • Ceramic Class
    A look, will tableware to have light source to see its surface refraction light, if there is a part of the pattern and no pattern of refraction of the light, the description is inferior, vice versa is
  • Copper Tableware
    Many people use copper tableware, plates, copper spoon, copper hotpot and so on. On the copper tableware surface, often can see some blue-green powder, people call it patina.
  • Aluminum Tableware
    Non-toxic lightweight durable, inexpensive, but the accumulation of aluminum in the body, there is accelerated aging of the role of human memory also has a certain negative impact.
  • Melamine Tableware
    Melamine tableware is also known as the Beijing-American melamine products, by the melamine resin powder heating pressure compression molding.
  • Plastic Tableware
    The commonly used plastic tableware is basically made of polyethylene and polypropylene as raw material. This is the most national health sector approved NON-TOXIC Plastics, the market of sugar boxes,
  • Ceramic Tableware
    Ceramics used to be recognized as non-toxic tableware, porcelain tableware used poisoning reports. Originally some porcelain tableware's beautiful coat (glaze) contains lead, if burning porcelain when